Buy Now Wallpaper flowers EDEM 833-25 luxury floral design flowers leaves floral wallcovering red bordeaux grey white 2,3 ft

“Premium embossed heavy solid paper-backed wallpaper | special width
Flamboyant and sophisticated looks, fresh and vivid colours, satin-gloss and silky textile glazes, matching colours, adapted elements – both classic and modern. These prominent features characterize the top quality wallpapers of the EDEM 800 serie “STATUS Couture Wallpaper”.
Brilliant, vivid colours and precious coatings are applied by a special hot embossing procedure. This high tech process creates noble, stable and solid surfaces with individual looks. With “STATUS Couture Wallpaper” every room gets its own luxurious and distinctive style. Create yourself an elegant atmosphere with that unmistakable ‘je ne sais quoi’. EDEM Status Couture Wallpapers will make every wall an highlight.
Owing to this luxuriant and solid coating, one role of this wallcovering is much heavier than normal wallpaper. The weight is 2,6 kg (about 1.8 lbs.) instead of 800 g (about 1.8 lbs.). This feature leads to a great durability which makes hanging much easier. This wall covering is a real attraction on every wall!
Receive an excellent premium product economically priced immediately from the manufacturer. Using leading German engineering in Europe’s most modern wallpaper factory, EDEM Inc. has developed the art of impressing wallpaper to perfection.
New, unused, unopened and undamaged goods, original packaging, top quality, brand-name wallpaper.
The colours, the texture, and the glossy effects can hardly be shown and described on the screen of a computer. If you are interested in a certain article, please feel free to order samples of our wallpaper to find out their excellent quality. See their colours in your own rooms and enjoy the touch of their texture with your own hands. Allow yourself an unhurried decision at home where you can find out if our samples match the light, the floors, the furniture and the decoration of your rooms.The price refers on a sma”

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