Buy Now Item C6021 Vintage Style 10.5 Inch French Toile Clock

All Fairy Freckles Studios exclusive artisan designed products are made in the USA. Each design is a copyrighted original, created by our artists and unique to our company. Clocks are carefully handcrafted upon quarter inch wood MDF using the highest quality giclee prints. Hands are metal and colors and styles may vary from that pictured based on availability. Our clocks do not include a seconds hand. Clock faces are not covered. Our quality, quartz clock movements are extremely quiet and require one AA battery that is not included. We test every time movement in all clocks we manufacture, insuring each one is working properly before shipping. See product key features for specifics about this item. Browse our entire inventory for additional and related products. Our clocks make useful and lasting gifts.

Categories:   Shabby Vintage, Toile


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